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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book a Session?

You can book a session by visiting the Book a Session page where there is email contact information or through the Contact Us form submission. Once the payment has been completed for the session that you selected please send use an email at seekingthetruthinreality@gmail.com to determine a date and time time for the session booking.  When the session has been scheduled then a confirmation email is sent to you with all the session information.  After your payment comes through you will be put into the schedule and we will have our session remotely through video/audio in Zoom.

​How Does All This Stuff Work?

We as living beings have a connection with the physical, emotional, and soul aspects of our existence that are connected to the chakras and everything is energetically balanced.  Sometimes thought forms, trauma, pain, etc. can create imbalances on the physical and energetic levels within the body and soul monad.  For example imagine you have had an argument with a loved one, this argument creates negative energy.  If this energy is not released it settles in a chakra that is connected to that part of your life, this can be felt on a physical level or emotional state.  Your body will tell you that the energy is there by creating a physical symptom.  Examples of this could be that you have an issue with your hands, shoulders, heart, lungs or upper back it is related to the heart chakra and there is trauma or negative energy stored there. 

At times unfortunately we do not listen to our bodies anymore as we used to so the symptoms get worse and worse until we pay attention to them, or not and we have major health issues that are expressed on the physical level.  With the use of energy healing, psychic surgery, we can remove these blockages and pull out the negative energy. Without the negative energy the body has no reason to create symptoms to tell you that there is an issue, the body is then allowed to heal back to its healthy state naturally. When you are grounded and relaxed and feel pain, this is where there is an energetic blockage that should be removed.  Why keep all this negative energy? Negative energy will fester with time causing havoc on your body, let us remove it for you.  It is important to be open to the idea of energy healing and allow yourself to receive the healing for your highest well-being.

What Language will the Sessions be Done in?​

All sessions that are done through online Zoom are provided in English as this is the primary language that the practitioner speaks and communicates in.

Our First Meeting?

In our online zoom session for the first meeting the session will begin with a quick introduction of what it is the practitioner is doing followed by an explanation of what will be done during your session. Sometimes messages from angels, guides, or past loved ones come through during a session so if you are interested please let us know before we begin and we will share with you what they say.  It is important that the client has an idea of what they would like to treat but this is not necessary.  If a client says nothing during the session we are still able to see the fields of influence through the medical intuitive body energy scan and fix what is out of balance.  The more the client is relaxed before the session begins the better, so give yourself some time to relax before your session begins. If you have any questions during the session feel free to ask, we love to help out where we can!


What Causes Blockages?

For example imagine having an argument with a loved one or another person.  This fighting creates negative energy and causes your vibration to drop temporarily.   Sometimes there is also unforeseen circumstances like car accidents, trauma, etc.  In these various scenarios we often times will release this negative energy with a conversation or with other coping mechanisms like trying to work through the situation in whatever manner works best for us. When this coping mechanism does not happen the body is still in a low vibrational state and can be influenced by entities and energies that are of a similar vibrational frequency.  Frustrating thought forms and stress can manifest aspects of negativity that we do not want in our lives.  These energies are normally on a much lower octave of frequency then your normal self but they can influence you when you are of a similar vibration to them. This is when blockages and energetic attachments that don't serve our highest good can attach themselves to us.

How Do Entities/Spirits Work?

The universe and living beings are made out of energy including yourself.  All things are vibrations, emotions are included as they are part of your physical, emotional, and soul aspects. Which means that when you are in the temporary emotion of rage your vibration shifts to that vibration until your mood changes.  While you are in this diminished vibrational state you become susceptible to entities/spirits that are of a similar vibrational frequency or even to your own negative thought forms or behavioral patterns that need to be cleared.  Entities/spirits exist all around us and they have always been around us in our everyday life.  Some are high vibrational and some are low.  Some of these beings are sentient and some are not, they can be made of thought forms.  The energy field can be described as being as a house.  When your vibration is high, it is like having a very warm house that is clean and inviting.  When your vibration is low, it is like having a very cold house that can be dirty and unwelcoming.  Some entities/spirits like it hot and some like it cold or a polarity of ever changing emotional states that can keep us in constant turmoil, fear, and stress.  When your vibration drops, like after a fight your house temperature drops and entities/spirits that are attracted to that temperature move in and try to make a home where that vibration is in your field, which they do, they can be hanging around in your auric field or electromagnetic field.  Most of the time these entities/spirits do leave because your vibration goes back up but if you are at a low vibrational point for a period of time then they can set up what some call the black nest.  This is a space that they can maintain a low vibrational frequency in your body.  So even if you raise your vibration they are able to stay. These beings that set up shop are now in your field and can influence your energies, thoughts, emotions, etc.  Depending on what they feed off of they will cause you to have the emotion they feed off of.  So if their vibration is jealousy then they can make you feel jealous more often and then they thrive when you are in that emotional state and then they become stronger. The stronger they are, the more they can influence you.


Stronger entities/spirits can cause addictions, physical pain, loss of self-control, emotional instability and many other negative effects. Removing these entities/spirits makes you feel much lighter and happier, it removes physical pain where they were located and it can also remove the addiction you have that is associated with that particular entity.

Types of Implants Why to Remove Them and Situations When It May Be a Good Idea Not to Attempt Removal?

There are many types of varieties for implants that can be in the forms of both in the etheric realm and on the corporeal layers.  For example allow one’s mind to think of what could one possibly think up or create, then you are able to comprehend the different types of implants and what they can do.  The implants can be neurolink, microchips, energetic components, etc. The implants are created to fulfill a particular need, the desired need is then programmed into the etheric component and the program is launched or the programming can be embedded in the physical implant lodged somewhere in the body. The value of the implant is not limited to the ability of the implant but its complexity and the amount of quanta infused within it.  Such quanta allows particularly created implants to come in vastly more complex designs with a combination of etheric and semi corporeal and can allow the implant to have more functionality.  There are occurrences when implants should not be removed as these implants serve the highest good of the user.  In these occurrences implants of such nature should not be removed and should be left to their own devices.  Other occurrences to not remove an implant would include the user’s ability to remove an implant of complex nature.  One would not recommend such a course of action if one is not prepared to do such a thing as a partial removal of a component can cause an incomplete effect on the being which can be worse, affecting the code of the being in an incomplete manner, like a partially created program on a computer full of glitches.

Is There A Way TO Protect Yourself From Receiving Implants?  Do You Carry Them With You Even From Past Lives If They Are Etheric?

Energetic and etheric implants manifest through the post plasmic layer.  Such layers can be accessed by entanglement through a quantum fluid. The means to shield yourself from such attacks is to embody the essence of unity and to raise your vibration beyond the level of reach of the implanter.  We all have energetic auric fields and electromagnetic frequencies so this includes creating protective energy shields around them in order to prevent anything from coming in or going out like implantation.  This will insure you are inaccessible by such means and will be protected further while preventing soul fragmentation.  The connection of an etheric implant is limited to this life and cannot be shared beyond the physical incarnation due to the souls "reset mode", we will say.  After each incarnation, one should not worry or concern oneself with muddying the life of the next incarnation with the dirt of this.

What is Black Goo?  Other Types of Goo

Black goo can be considered a physical manifestation of darkness welling up within someone on a physical level this can also take form as other particulates in the body like chemtrail parasites.  Some refer to these particulates as nano or femto technologies.  These constituents deeply embody what it is to be dark matter and can cause a cascade of difficulty for the physical body if the fluid or parasites are not removed.

There is also green goo and yellow goo that can be found in the body, this type of goo can sometimes be used for healing purposes or for psychic augmentation, so a medical intuitive energy body scan can determine what type of goo could be in the body and if it needs to be removed or not.

How Do Memory Retrievals Work?

All sentient beings have cellular memories within the auric fields, DNA, etc. that store galactic information and knowledge about past life memories and experiences.  We can look at these memories and experiences through a psychic memory reading, remote viewing or hypnosis in order to retrieve the memories or knowledge that you are seeking to access.  The memories of past lives, Secret Space Program experiences or other phenomenon are stored in your soul essence, whatever is in your memories cannot be changed by the practitioner, nothing can be altered, added, or subtracted.  These experiences are uniquely yours so the practitioner will go through the memories and then discuss with you the findings either in a report or a one on one zoom video session.


How Can We Stop Abductions?

Abductions at this time are of normal occurrence at this stage of development.  What can one do when not facing their own sovereignty.  This is what one must ask themselves.  After a being is taken it must be said that they have not yet fully embodied their "royalty" for lack of a better term.   Once one is habitually in the mindset of sovereignty then one will not be tampered with nor will they be influenced in a manner that is derogatory or diminutive. . Allow oneself to be all that one can, embracing your authority and place held high amongst the vibratory expansion of space.  You have the right to your own free will choice and to say no to abductions or outside interference.